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Many times in life, we experience deep sadness and depression.  Sadness and depression are natural responses to life events, and neither should be long term. Sadness and depression actually serve a purpose in our lives and help us deal with the raw and real emotions from life events especially as we process loss.  When we find ourselves suffering from depression on a long-term basis, then it is time to reach out for help from a pastor, counselor or a professional therapist.

If you read #No Fear, you know that I mention that my sweet, little dog had been ill for some time.  The diagnosis we received last April was six months to one year. Each month she lived, we celebrated!   When May arrived, I told her she had to stay around for a long time…right, as she could understand me!  When we hit the one year mark this April, she was happy and loved and spoiled each day, just like her two dog sisters.   When May came, it was so nice to have her with us, and so glad she beat the odds the doctor had predicted. Then June came and she started slowing down towards the middle of the month, and did not eat most days.  We knew then that the end was near for her.  We anticipated losing her any day.   Toward the end of the month, she refused her medicine, no matter how I tried to get her to take it.  She loves peanut butter,  meat, veggies, and nothing worked.  We knew it would not be long before she left us. At the end of the month, she passed away while the other two dogs sat with her.  It was heart breaking for all of us.

Although we anticipated losing our precious dog, the pain and sadness of death was raw and very real.  We buried her in a special spot and planted some pretty plants on her grave. This helped us with the grieving process.  The next several days and weeks were very difficult.  First, it is not easy to lose a pet.  Our girl was part of our family and loved. Second, it is not easy to bury a pet., and third, loss is challenging to process for all of us.  My sadness became depression. Most days I had no energy to focus, work, and take care of daily tasks.  Depression is very energy robbing.  I lost interest in many things, withdrew, cried, and prayed a lot.  I was so heartbroken and I know my kids and my two other dogs were too.

In one of my prayers, I asked the Lord to pray over me and to sing over me. I know that the Lord cares about every detail in my life. I know that He understands my loss, pain, and depression.   I prayed this prayer many times in hopes that the Lord would lift the depression and replace it with His joy.  It is now August, and thank God, the depression has been lifted, the sadness is still there; however, it is not overwhelming and all consuming.  I prayed for my kids and my two other dogs as well because the loss of our little dog took a toll on all of us. The dog’s health had deteriorated,  and it is wonderful to see them active and happy again.  We miss our little one and she will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Losing a loved one or a pet is never easy. Depression can set in and rob us of our energy and joy; however, with the help of the Lord, we do not have to stay stuck in the pit of depression.  The best thing I did during this difficult time was pray. In the past. like after the loss of my son, I sought help from a professional therapist and attended support group meetings to help me overcome the deep sadness and depression I experienced.  Are you suffering from depression? I hope that if you are facing deep sadness or depression, that you too will seek the help of a professional counselor or therapist or a pastor to help you walk the journey of your healing.  You will find the help you need to regain interest in your life and I pray that you find the joy of the Lord and allow Him to be your strength.

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