Mantra for Self Love

I understand the concept of selflove; however, I believe that there must be a fair balance in life. We would never want to cross the thin line of selflove and become arrogant or narcissistic.  Selflove plays an important role in our lives when it comes to forgiveness.  Sometimes, I know I can be really tough on myself when I make a mistake or do something or behave in a way which compromises my Christian values.  Trust me, no one has to come behind me or approach me about the error of my ways since I tend to be brutal on myself, as if somehow I am not allowed to make a mistake. When I take the time to slow down and remember that I too am human, then I realize I do not need to be so hard on  myself and I am able to forgive myself and ask the Lord to forgive me.

Hawaiian tradition teaches the way of self forgiveness with the teaching of ho’oponopono or to bring things back into balance. They use these words of selflove to work through the process of self forgiveness: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”   I like this mantra and I add more to it to make ever so clear that the Lord is the true source of the power of forgiveness.  So my mantra is Lord Jesus, please forgive me so that I can forgive myself. Help me to forgive others and show mercy to those who do not deserve it, in the same way I do not deserve mercy from you. Thank you Lord Jesus; I love you.  I want to always remember that I cannot do anything in my own strength and depend on the Lord for everything, including the power to forgive myself and those around me.

Do you need to forgive yourself for some wrong doing? Did you do something wrong, make a mistake, make a terrible decision? Know this,  when we come to Jesus, and repent, and sincerely ask for His forgiveness, He grants it.  There is nothing He will not forgive because He loves us.  Take a moment, say a prayer to the Lord Jesus, ask Him to forgive you, and have His peace and strength to forgive the people in your life. Say the mantra,  receive His peace as you move through the process. Go in the power of the Lord Jesus and live in peace with all the people in your life.


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