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Cry to the Father

We have several bird feeders on our property and on a typical day there are at least 100 birds throughout the trees, the rooftops, the pond, and the feeders. Needless to say, yes, we love birds.  Last week,… Read More

Part of Life

Many times in life, we experience deep sadness and depression.  Sadness and depression are natural responses to life events, and neither should be long term. Sadness and depression actually serve a purpose in our lives and help us… Read More

#No Fear Press Release

Nice press release on the new book: Suly Rieman’s empowering book, #No Fear, offers practical strategies to conquer anxiety and depression. Transform your life today! Suly, in her book #No Fear, does a masterful job of illuminating… Read More


As I waited in the airport, I could feel my heart beat as my chest pounded and I was a bit short of breath. No, I am not afraid of flying, it was life’s pressures reminding me of… Read More

No way to escape

Sadly, many people suffer from agoraphobia: the fear of being trapped, helpless, with no way to escape.  People who suffer from this anxiety, this mental health illness at times, will not leave their homes or allow themselves the… Read More


At times when we face fear, it may be difficult to be still and find rest.  David, the writer of the 23rd Psalm, knew the value of having sheep trust their shepherd.  David cared for his father’s flock… Read More