No way to escape

Sadly, many people suffer from agoraphobia: the fear of being trapped, helpless, with no way to escape.  People who suffer from this anxiety, this mental health illness at times, will not leave their homes or allow themselves the experience of a new environment.  

I recently saw a posting online from a therapist who asked for additional resources for their client since their client suffers from agoraphobia, and has not left his house for over one year.  As I read the post, I realized how sad this made me, and I felt awful for this individual.  I enjoy being outdoors, I enjoy doing yard work and tend to my garden, and hike.  I also like to meet family and friends for tea, lunch, dinner, or a day trip. I felt badly for this individual because they have allowed their anxiety to run away like an unstoppable freight train.  They have allowed their thinking, their very clouded thinking to limit the joy in their lives. That is no way for any of us to live our lives. 

Sometimes we need the assistance of a loved one or a therapist to take our hand and lead us out of our own detrimental thinking and into the light of reality.  What may seem clear to you or I, is very clouded to the individual who struggles with anxiety, and anxiety is very forward thinking because we can become paralyzed by the thought of what can happen. When we give into anxiety, we rob ourselves of the present moment and the joy of life.  

There are some things that we can do to help ourselves out of our own clouded thinking: we can do deep breathing exercises, we can be intentional with our thought process, we can pray, and we can read the Bible.  We can be present in the moment with the people in our lives and live life freely without the bondage of our own clouded thinking.  Most of all, we can recognize that the Lord is in control and surrender our lives to Him.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; He is our way to freedom.  Scripture teaches us that all who believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved.  That brings hope and joy to our lives knowing that He loves us so very much and waits for us to call upon His name.

Jesus is truth; He is our way to escape the bondage of fear and anxiety which rule our minds and our actions. If you suffer from agoraphobia, or any mental health issues, please know that there is hope in the name of Jesus.  Give your heavy burden of fear and anxiety to Him, and find freedom in Him. 

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